Privacy Policy

LUXROBO Co., Ltd. establishes the following privacy policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act to protect personal information and rights and interests of users, and to handle user disputes regarding personal information.

LUXROBO Co., Ltd. shall publicize any revision to the privacy policy via website notice (or separate notice).

This policy takes effect December 1st, 2017.

1. Purpose of Using/Storing Personal information

LUXROBO Co., Ltd. stores personal information only for the following purposes. Prior consent will be asked for any other change of purpose:

  1. 1.Website Sign Up and Management.

    Personal information is stored for the purpose of confirming membership sign up, identification/verification of a person according to the provision of membership services, maintenance/management of membership, prevention of unlawful use of services, confirmation of consent of a legal representative for collection of personal information of a child under the age of 14, various notices/notifications, grievances or complaints, preservation of records for dispute conciliation, etc.

  2. 2.Provision of Goods and Services

    Personal information is stored for purposes including product delivery, provision of services, billing, provision of content, identification, etc.

  3. 3.Marketing and Advertising

    Personal information is used for purposes including development of new services (products), provision of customized services, provision of events and advertisement information, provision of participation opportunities, etc.

  4. 4.Processing and Responding to Customer Complaints and Grievances

    Personal information is stored for purposes including user identification, grievance filing status, contact for fact-finding, notification, notfice of filing status, etc.

2. Personal Information File Status

Personal information File Name : Member

Personal Information Item : Email, mobile phone number, home address, service use record, access log, access IP information, payment record

Collection method : Website (Sign up and product order)

Retention grounds : Membership sign up and product purchase

- Retention period : 3 years

Related law(s) : Consumer Protection Electronic Commerce Act, etc.

3. Use and Retention Period of Personal Information

  1. 1.LUXROBO Co., Ltd uses and stores personal information withing the retention period afforded according to the law, or the personal information retention and use period that was agreed upon for collection of personal information from the information entity.
  2. 2.The handling and retention period of each piece of personal information is as follows.
    • Website sign up and management : Until business/group withdraws from website.
    • Provision of goods or service : Until completion of supply of goods or services and payment/settlement.
      However, the retention period shall be until the completion of the corresponding period for the following cases.
      1. a)Records of contract or subscription withdrawal, payment, supply of goods, etc. : 5 years.
      2. b)Records of consumer complaint or dispute handling : 3 years.

4. Matters Related to Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

  1. 1.LUXROBO provides personal information to third parties only when conforming to Article 17 and Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, in cases such as consent of the information entity, special regulations of the law, etc.

5. Consignment of Handling of Personal Information

  1. 1.LUXROBO Co., Ltd. consigns storage of personal information as follows for effective use.
  2. 2.LUXROBO Co., Ltd. supervises whether a consignee handles personal information safely by specifying matters related to prohibition of using personal information for other purposes than consigned tasks, technical and managerial protection, restriction of reconsignment, management/supervision of consignee, compensation for damage, etc.
  3. 3.A change in consigned tasks or a change of a consignee will be disclosed immediately through this Privacy Policy.

6. Rights/Obligations of Information Entity and Legal Representative and Exercise of Rights A user may exercise the following rights as the entity of personal information.

  1. 1.The entity of information may exercise rights on inquiry, correction, deletion, request for suspension of use, etc. of personal information against LUXROBO Co., Ltd. at any time.
  2. 2.Exercise of rights against LUXROBO Co., Ltd. according to Paragraph 1 may be performed via writing, email, fax, etc. in accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act and LUXROBO Co., Ltd. will take measures without delay.
  3. 3.Exercise of rights according to Paragraph 1 may be performed through a delegate such as a legal representative or a person who received trust of the information entity. In this case, a power of attorney according to Annex NO. 11 Form under the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act shall be submitted.
  4. 4.A request for inquiry and suspension of handling of personal information may limit rights of the information entity according to Article 35(5) and Article 37(2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  5. 5.If the personal information is specified as the target of collection in other law, deletion of such information cannot be requested.
  6. 6.LUXROBO Co., Ltd. shall check whether a person who requested inquiry, correction/deletion, suspension of processing according to the rights of the information entity is the concerned person or a legal representative.

7. Creation of Personal Information Items for Use

  1. 1. LUXROBO Co., Ltd. handles the following personal information items.

    Website sign up and management : ID, password, phone number, sex, email address

    Provision of goods or services : Name, birthdate, ID, password, address, phone number, email address

8. Destruction of Personal Information

In principle, LUXROBO Co., Ltd. destroys personal information without delay once the purpose of handling of personal information is accomplished. The procedure, deadline, and method of destruction are as follows.

  1. 1.Destruction Procedure

    LUXROBO Co., Ltd. shall select information with reason for destruction and receive approval of the Privacy Protection Officer of the company to destroy information.

  2. 2.Destruction Method

    LUXROBO Co., Ltd. shall use a technical method that cannot restore records for information in the form of an electronic file. Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded through a shredder or destroyed through incineration.

9. Matters Related to Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection

LUXROBO Co., Ltd. shall not use ‘cookies’ for storing and frequently retrieving user information from the information entity.

10. Appointment of a Privacy Protection Officer

  1. 1.LUXROBO Co., Ltd. appoints a Privacy Protection Officer as follows to supervise and take responsibility of tasks related to handling of personal information, complaint handling and damage relief of the information entity regarding handling of personal information.

    [ Privacy Protection Officer ]

    Name: Candy Choi

    • TEL: 1544-8260
    • Email :

  2. 2.The information entity may ask the Privacy Protection Officer and relevant department for all inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc, related to handling of personal information occurring from use of services (or businesses) of LUXROBO Co., Ltd. and LUXROBO Co., Ltd. will answer and handle the inquiry of the information entity without delay.

11. Change of Privacy Policy

  1. 1.This Privacy Policy applies from the effective date, and any addition, deletion, or revision of the change according to the law and policy shall be provided as a notice 7 days prior to implementation of such change.

12. Safety Assurance of Personal Information

LUXROBO Co., Ltd. takes technical/managerial and physical measures needed for assuring safety as follows according to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. 1.Performing Periodic Self-Inspection

    Periodic (quarterly) self-inspection is carried out to assure safety related to handling of personal information.

  2. 2.Minimizing and Training Employees Handling Personal Information

    Employees handling personal information are appointed and limited to an officer to manage personal information.

  3. 3.Establishing and Implementing Internal Management Plan

    An internal management plan is established and implemented for safe handling of personal information.

  4. 4.Technical Measures Against Hacking, etc.

    LUXROBO Co., Ltd. installs and periodically updates/inspects security programs to prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or computer viruses, and installs a system in the area with controlled access from outside to technically and physically monitor and block unauhtorized access.

  5. 5.Encryption of Personal Information

    Personal information and passwords of a user are stored and managed by encryption, which is only be available to the concerned user, and additional security features such as encryption of files and transfer data, file locking, etc. are used for important data.

  6. 6.Locked Systems for Document Security

    Documents, auxiliary storage media, etc. containing personal information are stored in a safe place with a locked system.

  7. 7.Access Control of Unauthorized Persons

    There is a physical storage place for storing personal information, and the procedure for access control is established and managed.

13. A user may refuse to agree to collection of personal information, however, in this case use of service may be limited.